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KHAN is a tech enthusiast , currently exploring Machine Learning , Data Science and Big Data Visual Analytics  .


A glimpse of the projects I’ve been working on 

About Me

I’m an avid enthusiast in the realms of data science, machine learning and data Visualization. With a passion for uncovering insights within data, I revel in crafting intuitive visualizations, fostering seamless human-computer interaction, and exploring the immersive possibilities of AR and VR. My most recent project involved automating processes within augmented reality, demonstrating the transformative potential of this technology. I’m dedicated to pushing the boundaries of innovation in these fields, and I eagerly embrace opportunities to collaborate and contribute to the exciting future they hold.


Let me help make better use of your data. My expertise can be used to clean, analyse, interpret and visualize your data.

Data Management

Data harvesting, cleaning and reshaping. Development of automated workflows.

Data Mining

Data exploration, application of statistical methods, reproducible data analysis.

Data Visualization

Creation of static and interactive dataviz and dashboards, review of scientific figures


Feel free to contact me for any question. For open source projects, please open an issue or pull request on Github. If you want to follow my work,  send me an email at kkabshah@gmail.com.

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